Internet International Technical Information

Because we hosts so many sites from around the country, we know how important it is that our Internet connections be reliable and fast. We have invested, and continue to invest, in the technology and services necessary to provide our clients with the best Internet service available. We constantly monitor and review our performance to keep it at an optimum level.

Powerful Servers:
We employs fully redundant, multi-processor Dell PowerEdge servers located in Tulsa, OK and Indianapolis, IN. Hosted sites are served via Microsoft's IIS5 on a security-hardened Windows 2000 operating system. All servers are backed up daily. We currently are running at only 35% of our computer processing capacity, and traffic to the Internet is only at 50% capacity even during peak hours.

Redundant Network:
Our servers are connected to a 100 megabit switched backbone. From there, traffic is handled by core Cisco 7200 series routers, and then passed on to the Internet backbone.

We currently have two T3 connections, one to SprintLink in Dallas and one to Williams Company in Tulsa. All transit links are fully redundant via BGP on our core routers to ensure redundancy and near-instant recovery from any sort of link failure.

Proactive Monitoring:
Our traffic is monitored 24x7, and hardware and software upgrades are made proactively. We contract with TulsaConnect's Network Operations Center for 24-hour support. TulsaConnect is one of the Midwest's premier locally owned ISP's and has provides us with excellent service and support for over 5 years.

Please feel free to visit our local community service websites, and In addition to Chamber of Commerce (Official Global Locator), we host a multitude of websites for Chambers and Associations using interactive internet software by WebLink International, the nation's market leader.